Guardian Angel


I woke up today from one of the best dreams I’ve had in a while. My grandfather died June first, 2008. I had not had a dream about him since. And I was just talking with my mom and stepdad about how I wish I could have one more just to uplift my spirits. So it happened. I dreamt this morning that I was at my grandmothers house. My dad was there, and said “grandpas in the back, go see him.” I said “but dad, he’s dead, how can I see him?” and my dad said I know, but he’s back, just go say hi.” So I went in the backyard and I saw him, standing there, hugging my sister and brother. He stopped and smiled at me. He said “hi, I missed you so much.” I just froze and said “I miss you too.” He hugged me and told me he was proud of me. He looked young, healthy, and happy. Then I was abruptly awoken by my alarm. When I woke up I was confused, and wondered if I really just had that dream. It was so realistic. I told my mom and she said she had dreamt of him last week.

So I texted my brother and told him. And he started freaking out. He wouldn’t tell me why. But he told me he would discuss it with me tonight when I came over his house. So here I am. At his house. He just told me why he was crying. My brother had a dream last week of my grandfather. They were in a hotel. He said my grandpa looked young and healthy too. Anyway, he saw him through a glass window, and said to himself in the dream, “but he’s dead. Why can I see him?” He didn’t want to question it so he went to go to a door at the end of the hallway he was in, to meet my grandpa on the other end. He said my grandpa started running, again acknowledging him being healthy and young. He chased after him calling for him to stop. When he finally caught up with him, he hugged my grandpa. And my grandpa said to him, “I have to go now, I have to go watch over your sisters.”

I started bawling when he told me this. For years, I’ve wondered if he was okay, because I never got any sort of sign that he was safe, or that he was watching over me. And I got my answer. My sister got a little upset and asked when he’d come visit her. I had said maybe he went to see me and Joe first, because we’re a little mixed up in life right now. When we told my grandma, she said she had dreamt of him last week as well. It’s just really strange, but so reassuring. I needed this so badly. It just made me incredibly happy to know that I haven’t disappointed him. And now I know he’s truly watching over me. I’m at peace.

I love you and miss you every day.<3


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