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Too Personal?


I’m worried about writing this… I’ve tried to keep, (and failed, but re-established) my anonymity on this blog. And I know this is my personal little writing hole. But is there such a thing as writing something too personal on a blog? I’m not sure. I’ve got my picture up, and I’m not worried much about that, as […]

Never Again…


Will I let my younger sister throw a party at my house. I’m pretty sure every single one of those kids thought I was the most psychotic girl they have ever met… But I had every right to be. heh. My sister got drunk wayy too fast. I was the only sober “adult” in the […]



I hate not being able to talk to anyone. Not about a general subject either. A very touchy and sensitive subject. I can’t just go out and tell everyone, or any of my friends or family what happened either. I mean I told close, immediate family; mom, aunt, sister. And my one of my best friends. […]

Too much shit going on. Too much shit going on in my mind. One thing gets better. 10 more things go wrong. Stressed to the max. Not trying to stumble backwards. Need to go to vibs this week though. Yeah…great. I hate trying to make sense of all of this. On the plus side, finally […]