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Holy balls. I have about six days till I’m going to California for spring break. This year is already moving along incredibly quick. And as excited I am to finally leave, I’m a bit apprehensive. I’m just afraid to leave my family and friends behind. This trip is one step closer to moving forward with […]

I love reading. I find it hard to understand how one cannot enjoy this wonderful pastime. I can spend hours, sucked into a book. I have so many I have to finish, that I’m currently reading three at once. Well, you know what I mean. I just find an extreme comfort, and feeling of pure bliss […]


I’m feeling extremely anxious tonight. No reason. I’m alone, sitting at my kitchen table, picking through ashtrays to find left over clips of cigarettes to smoke. My legs are going crazy. I’m having the creepy crawly feeling in them again. They’re restless. Gnawing at the little stubs I have left that I call finger nails. Rubbing my […]

Showers. Long, hot showers. So hot, that my skin turns red. Where the steam fills up the bathroom, and my lungs, to the point where I’m gasping for air. I get lost in them. It’s kind of the only place where I feel completely alone. Where I can think straight. Where all of my negative […]



My trip is planned! I have a 6:30 am flight to LA on April 4th. And I’ll be coming back on the 16th. My aunt and cousin are so excited to see me, as am I to see them! Not stoked about the 8-hour flight process, but I’ve handled worse, so I’ll take it. I […]

Wake me up


I asked someone recently some questions I’ve had about life for quite some time. And I asked this person because I knew he’d give me a different perspective on the topic, as he always has in the past. He was always great at showing me things in a different light; making me see the bigger […]