The little things.


Showers. Long, hot showers. So hot, that my skin turns red. Where the steam fills up the bathroom, and my lungs, to the point where I’m gasping for air. I get lost in them. It’s kind of the only place where I feel completely alone. Where I can think straight. Where all of my negative thoughts just begin to sort of, dissipate I guess. I find myself taking these a lot more frequently. Not because I feel dirty. But because I feel like it’s one of my greatest escapes from all of the stress I’m dealing with. It’s the one place where I can drown all of my sorrows, and metaphorically, let them go down the drain along with the water. I cherish those 15-20 minutes everyday. Sometimes I think some of my greatest ideas grow here. It’s a place where I also make a lot of decisions. My mind is scattered for most of the time. But during my showers, I can look into my thoughts, in-depth. I dissect them. I can think, without being interrupted. It’s pure bliss.


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