We’ll all float on alright.


Holy balls. I have about six days till I’m going to California for spring break. This year is already moving along incredibly quick. And as excited I am to finally leave, I’m a bit apprehensive. I’m just afraid to leave my family and friends behind. This trip is one step closer to moving forward with my life. Also, it’s a much needed change for myself.

Although it will be a nice break away from reality for a moment, I have so many things I have to get done in the twelve days I’ll be there. I have to go to my college and meet with a counselor to start my registration process. I have to attend an orientation ceremony and a workshop to aid me with choosing my classes. I have to start looking for a reliable car to buy. I’m also going to be working on my room in my aunts condo that I’ll be renting out. Which I’m overly excited to see. I don’t exactly remember how big it was, but I know it was much bigger than my bedroom now. I love decorating, and I’m going to overly enjoy making up a comfortable living space for myself. 🙂

The fourth quarter began tonight at school. And now I’m just two months shy of being done with high school completely. Gah. Time is moving soo fast. It’s pretty overwhelming. ASDGJKL;”ASKFOHDGKH. <———-| thats how I feel right now. Blah. Also, I’m totally not stoked about the nine hour trip it will take me to actually get to California. Plane rides kick my butt. Plus, my flight is leaving at 6:30 in the morning. This trip should be interesting.

Wish me luck!


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