How did we get here?


Hello from California!

I’ve been so incredibly busy it’s insane. So it’s already Thursday and I’m leaving Monday morning, but I will say I accomplished quite a few things for slacking a whole week. Yes, I got caught up and turned my trip to get shit done with school, into a vacation. Haha, it’s hard to avoid when you’re with my aunt though. She’s a riot.

So I feel extremely comfortable here. And I know it’s going to be a good change for myself and my aunt as well. The condo is slowly but surely on it’s way of coming together. I forgot how big my room was. It’s got built in bookshelves on the wall, and a huge closet. I’m extremely excited to put it together when it’s finally finished. The area where the condo is located isn’t the nicest of places, but it’ll do. Behind it is an incredible view of……A Chinese Baptist Church(?) Ahh yes. With all of their letter symbols showering over the sign. I got a laugh out of that. Still, the neighborhood you drive into past our condo complex is very nice. I can very easily walk to Barnes & Noble, or the small cafe located in that shopping center. I can also walk to the gym, which by the way, my aunt got her, her partner, my cousin and myself a gym membership to! I have never worked out in one before, nor have ever had any initiative to actually be physically fit. But, we’ve been going almost everyday since we signed up. I’m really excited to start living a more healthy lifestyle.

As for college things, I took my placement test, and did pretty damn well if I may say so. All but math, which always kicks me in the ass. I have to register for classes the 25th, and then will officially be a student in the fall semester! It’s quite exciting. The campus is actually really nice. It’s very comfortable, and pretty damn big for a community college. Suffolk doesn’t have shit on this school. I think I’m going to feel really great living here. I’m ready for a positive change. I will miss my family to pieces though. But I think everything will work out!

Happy Trails!


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