I’m home!

My trip went really well. I got back yesterday night. The flight home is always easier than going for some reason, I’m not sure why but it just seems shorter. Got all of my school stuff done. I’m just waiting to register for classes and I’ll be settled.

The thing is, I’m a little more worried about leaving now. It’s becoming more real, and this move is g0ing to be emotionally draining for me. I’m just trying to stay positive. My teacher was talking with me about how big of an opportunity this is for me, and I know and understand that. But change is always hard for me. I’m always wanting it, but when it comes down to the initial act of it, it terrifies me. Sigh. I think I’ll be okay though.

On a side note: I’ve been keeping my personal life on the down-low for a few weeks. I’m sort of seeing this guy. Sort of. Nothing serious, considering I’m leaving in just a few months. But it’s nice to have someone to occupy my time with. I have really under-estimated biological men. Or most of them. From the beginning I’ve been honest and open about my sexuality and gender identity. And he’s totally open about it. I’m not sure he fully understands, because he says he has never met someone like me. Also, I don’t think he’s had much interaction with the LGBT community whatsoever. But it’s refreshing that he wants to be educated, and isn’t judgmental. I enjoy being able to be myself, and not have to put this facade on. He’s an extremely cool person.

Back to California talk, once I got there, I felt like a normal human being again. I was going to bed by 12 am every night, as opposed to 6 am. And was waking up by 11 am. It was an excellent feeling. I know I won’t have a problem getting up in the morning for classes, thank god.

Alright, this is all so mixed and random. I’m tired. And will probably get to bed very early again tonight. Well, early for me. Goodnight!!!


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