I haven’t been on here in quite some time. Crap. So much has been going on in the past two months, and I can’t remember where I even left off. But, I’m shipping off in a little over five weeks. Still am having extremely mixed emotions about all of this. But I think everything will be okay in the end. I’ve been done with school for about a month now, and my graduation ceremony is this Saturday. And let me tell you, I’m more than stoked about being done with high school. It was a good experience, but I’m totally over it all, haha. Senator Schumer is going to be at the ceremony, apparently he makes a trip out to the Island and attends every graduation, so that’s pretty cool. It’s also going to be over 85 degrees out that day, so I’m not too fond of having to sit in that heat for three hours….yikes.


I’m disappearing for a week on Monday. Heading up to Maine to see a few good people before I leave for school. And one of those many will be my ex.  I’m a little nervous. But I’m more excited than anything. I do know I will be pretty emotional though. I’m going to be staying with my friend Courtney whom I met through my ex. And I’m probably going to bawl my eyes out when I see her, and her now 1-year-old baby girl. I haven’t seen her since last year, and happened to leave the day she gave birth, so I’m crazy excited to finally get to meet that little peanut. As for my ex, I’ll most likely cry too. Mainly because I thought I was never going to see him or his family again, and regardless of everything we’ve been through, I have a soft spot for him and his family. We’re on very friendly terms, and I’m strictly keeping things that way because I don’t need any reason to change my mind about leaving for California. I know we are going to sleep with each other… But he brought that up, not me. So long as he doesn’t screw with my head, which I know he more than likely will not, everything will be just peachy.

With that being said, I don’t have too, too much going on. Just keeping busy, spending lots of time with friends and family as much as I can. It’s sort of strange being more social than I ever have these past four years. Bittersweet I guess. I cannot wait to see what these next two years will bring to my life. And I’m ecstatic for what the future holds. This summer is going to be emotional, but reassuring that all of the people I’ve kept close with, have stuck around for good reasons.



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