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I honestly do not even know where to begin. I’ve tried to keep up with my blog, but have just been so unbelievably busy with getting ready to leave, seeing friends, and simply being lazy. Last I posted, other than my two somewhat depressing attempts to write poems, was June. I wrote about how I […]



Silence. Sometimes said to be the loudest choice of words. Air thickening beneath your lungs, a lifted hand begins to crumble into ash. Mountain after mountain, why are we still climbing after all of this time? Stop, My brain. Misconstruing every word spoken from the mouth of the devil, God. Reason, a lie. Meaning, a […]



Water fills the lungs, a ringing in your ears this nonstop heartache, the lack of understanding; everything you think you believe in, begins to crumble right in front of your eyes. Why, Why, Why? Inconsistent words spoken from the Holy book of lies, regret, anger, despair, sadness,…nothing. No pain, no feelings, just emptiness, a cold, […]