Sometimes said to be the loudest choice of words.

Air thickening beneath your lungs, a lifted hand begins to crumble into ash.

Mountain after mountain, why are we still climbing after all of this time?


My brain. Misconstruing every word spoken from the mouth of the devil, God.

Reason, a lie. Meaning, a lie. Happiness…. a lie?

Waves crashing along the shore,

your fragile hand is up, but he isn’t there to pull you out of the heart of struggle.

The calm. Blue skies, sunshine. Back to reality.

Or is this a dream? A nightmare one lost soul cannot seem to be woken out of.

The simple things.

A smile,

A hug,


Paradox. You are a walking contradiction, but the mind feeds off of what the heart yearns.

In this life, it’s take, take, take. Not once, give.

Destination: beautiful  miserable. 


Change shall come, it flows as quickly as the wind.

One minute, perfection. The next….



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