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After having struggled for years with a depression that was so mentally/emotionally and physically debilitating, I’ve managed to find some sort of balance in my daily life. Or have I? I swore to myself that once I got to the point of maintaining an emotional equilibrium, I would do everything in my power to never […]



They say it’s all about timing, reason, fate. Yet you fail to read; you fail to see the fine print inscribed into my bones, my soul. You say your heart is burning with passion, but all I can taste is the smoke of your lies filling my lungs. Slowly suffocating me as I drown in […]

The constant desire to fill this void in my heart. Loneliness seems to linger, peeking from all corners of my soul. But the fear overbears the want, the need to start again. More than a year of picking up the pieces; the pieces of wholesomeness you stole without any form of remorse. My hands have […]