They say it’s all about timing, reason, fate.

Yet you fail to read; you fail to see the fine print inscribed into my bones, my soul.

You say your heart is burning with passion, but all I can taste is the smoke of your lies filling my lungs.

Slowly suffocating me as I drown in the abyss of perpetual darkness that dominates anything I believe to be serene.

As I swim into the oceans of your subconscious, I cannot help but find happiness in the fact that you are as madly insane as I.

Intertwining fingers, your touch is merely mundane.

You’re slipping away, as I find myself grasping at nothing but air.

You are gone.

Floating freely along with the autumn leaves into the night.

Leaving me with simply nothing but the ashes of your love; your crushed hopes and dreams you once dwelled so deeply on, that

when you lost everything, you lost yourself.

Lost yourself in the pits of hell; reality.

Nostalgia overwhelms the mind when you’re in the game; scoring touchdowns of absolute failure, you long to go back to your safe

haven near the field of flowers you once enjoyed praying in.

Now to a God that will not answer your cries; juggling a faith that no longer nourishes the soul to maintain that euphoric,

homeostatic environment.

Only to see that deceit is lurking around every corner you turn.

Fly away.

Back to the place you call home.

Back to innocence.

When opportunities for a bright future existed in the palms of your hands.


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