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As I find myself completely scatter-brained tonight and completely unable to focus on my school work, here I am, trying to get some of my thoughts in a blog so I can stop over-thinking and analyzing everything. Onward with writing and singing very loudly, and out of key simultaneously. 🙂 I have made the decision […]



I haven’t been on here in quite some time. Crap. So much has been going on in the past two months, and I can’t remember where I even left off. But, I’m shipping off in a little over five weeks. Still am having extremely mixed emotions about all of this. But I think everything will […]



I’m home! My trip went really well. I got back yesterday night. The flight home is always easier than going for some reason, I’m not sure why but it just seems shorter. Got all of my school stuff done. I’m just waiting to register for classes and I’ll be settled. The thing is, I’m a […]

Wake me up


I asked someone recently some questions I’ve had about life for quite some time. And I asked this person because I knew he’d give me a different perspective on the topic, as he always has in the past. He was always great at showing me things in a different light; making me see the bigger […]



I hate not being able to talk to anyone. Not about a general subject either. A very touchy and sensitive subject. I can’t just go out and tell everyone, or any of my friends or family what happened either. I mean I told close, immediate family; mom, aunt, sister. And my one of my best friends. […]

Too much shit going on. Too much shit going on in my mind. One thing gets better. 10 more things go wrong. Stressed to the max. Not trying to stumble backwards. Need to go to vibs this week though. Yeah…great. I hate trying to make sense of all of this. On the plus side, finally […]

Don’t get me wrong, I’m overly grateful that my high school counselor gave me the option for night school, so I wouldn’t drop out. But shit, being around these fucking losers every night for three hours is driving me a tad nutty. I almost dropped out because I have quite an anxiety issue, but I’m proud to […]